Corporate Giving


Successful businesses have learned that being a good corporate citizen involves not only operating in a conscientious and ethical manner. It also means reaching out to help make a difference within the community that is supporting your enterprise.

There are a number of very powerful reasons why you should consider lending your corporate support to Alternatives to Domestic Violence, either through in-kind and volunteer activities or through cash contributions:

Tax benefits

Public relations and marketing benefits generated through association with a leading, highly successful and widely respected non-profit organization

Opportunity to build team spirit among your employees as they work on ADV projects together

Opportunity to broaden professional experience and leadership skills of your employees as they work on ADV projects

Networking opportunities through which you can build powerful business-to-business and one-on-one customer connections

Improved internal awareness of issues related to violence in the workplace and dealing with the effects of domestic violence on employees

We invite you to ask other business leaders about their experiences partnering with ADV. We would be proud to assist you in developing a giving or support program that is appropriate for your organization.

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