(951) 683-0829 in Riverside

(800) 339-SAFE countywide

ADV’s 24-hour Crisis Line is the agency’s gateway for victims of domestic violence and others who seek information and help. It’s a safe and confidential way to ask questions and obtain services.

The Crisis Line provides immediate intervention and assistance to domestic violence victims who need shelter or counseling and other services. Crisis Line staff and volunteers are trained to assess immediate safety issues, provide information about domestic violence, address a caller’s concerns and specific needs and give options and referrals to help the caller identify a plan for what to do next.

ADV answers up to 7,000 Crisis Line calls per year. Crisis Line cards are available through a host of agencies that reach domestic violence victims, including law enforcement, the court system, hospitals, churches, government agencies, community-based organizations and many others. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies responding to¬†domestic violence calls throughout Riverside County routinely give the cards to victims they encounter.

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