Elder Victimization

•The most recent survey of Adult Protective Services (APS) found that 191,908 reports of elder abuse and neglect were substantiated in 2004.

•20% of elder maltreatment substantiated by APS involved caregiver neglect; 15% involved emotional, psychological or verbal abuse; 15% involved financial exploitation; 11% involved physical abuse and 1 percent involved sexual abuse.

•In 2004, domestic settings were the most common locations of abuse in substantiated reports.

•In 2004, more than half of alleged perpetrators of elder abuse were women.

•The largest number of alleged perpetrators was between 30 and 50 years of age.

•The majority of elder maltreatment victims were Caucasian (77.1%), followed by African American (21.2%), American Indian/Alaska native (0.6%), Asian (0.5%), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (0.2%) and “Other” (0.2%).

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