False Assumptions About Victims of DV


•They enjoy being abused.
•They could leave if they wanted to.
•They provoke the abuse by nagging.
•If they defended themselves, the violence would stop.
•If they leave or file for divorce, the abuse will stop.
•They are all minorities.
•They are all crazy.
•The police can protect them.
•Pregnant women are not battered.
•Once battered, they will seek other abusive relationships.

False Assumptions About Batterers
•They are always provoked.
•They would stop abusing if they were financially secure.
•They are always drunk/on drugs when they batter.
•They will stop battering if they are arrested.
•Religious man/women do not batter.
•If they are violent in the home, they are violent to everyone.
•The violence will stop once they are married.

Batters have learned that violence is an appropriate way to deal with anger and an appropriate way to problem-solve.

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