Casa de Paz Client

“If I hadn’t of come to Casa de Paz, I would probably be dead because he would have killed me.
It was getting worse and worse, although I didn’t see that at the time. But I know that now.

The explosions were getting closer together and worse.”
I was abused by my boyfriend. I was with him for three years. I went to a hospital because he
kicked me in the eye and in the back of my head. A nurse gave me a bunch of numbers to call. I
called the place in Orange County and they didn’t have room. So they gave me this number.

He had broken my arm before. Cut me with a box cutter. Why did I stay, I wonder? Now I can
wonder that, really ask myself why. There was a security there. I had a house and a car and
a pool. The only bad thing about the relation-ship was the abuse. Couldn’t I deal with that
and stay and have my otherwise happy life? So I think that’s why I stayed. I was secure
financially. I was a homemaker. -Read More-

Norma’s Story

Norma came to our residential facility, Casa de Paz, with her three children and five
months pregnant. She had many obstacles to overcome. She was undocumented and only
spoke Spanish. She had been imprisoned by her abuser for five years; she was forbidden
to go outside and hadn’t seen daylight for that entire time. She stayed in the apartment
with the drapes closed and was only allowed to take care of the children. She was
physically abused on a daily basis.

But Norma was motivated to get herself and her children healthy. She graduated from our
program after several months of intense work and was accepted with her children into a
two-year transitional program in another city. She and her children are now living in
their own apartment; she has a job and feels great about herself and her achievements.

Ronald’s Story

Ronald’s story is yet to be written, not that it has not been told, or that Robert has
not been abused by his spouse. The fact is that even though Men just like Women experience
Domestic Violence at an alarming rate, most Men are to embarrassed to share there stories.
We only ask that even if you do not want to share your story, at least get the help that
you may desperately need.

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