Since its inception in 1978, ADV has developed an array of services to intervene in and prevent physical and emotional violence in the home and the community. ADV is recognized statewide as a leader in progressive approaches to empowerment and advocacy for clients seeking to establish a healthy, violence-free environment in which to raise the next generation. Each of ADV’s programs and services is culturally appropriate and is provided to all families, regardless of their ethnic or religious background or cultural orientation.

Violence Prevention Project

The Coalition of agencies developed preventative approaches to domestic violence, including a teen violence prevention program, a family violence awareness media campaign, a mentor program and formal partnerships with local Police Departments.

Crisis Line

(951) 683-0829 in Riverside
(800) 339-SAFE countywide

ADV’s 24-hour Crisis Line is the agency’s gateway for victims of domestic violence and others who seek information and help. It’s a safe and confidential way to ask questions and obtain services.

The Crisis Line provides immediate intervention and assistance to domestic violence victims who need shelter or counseling and other services. Crisis Line staff and volunteers are trained to assess immediate safety issues, provide information about domestic violence, address a caller’s concerns and specific needs and give options and referrals to help the caller identify a plan for what to do next.

ADV answers up to 7,000 Crisis Line calls per year. Crisis Line cards are available through a host of agencies that reach domestic violence victims, including law enforcement, the court system, hospitals, churches, government agencies, community-based organizations and many others. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies responding to domestic violence calls throughout Riverside County routinely give the cards to victims they encounter.

Outreach Services

ADV operates outreach offices in Riverside and Hemet.

The outreach program is a vital component in a comprehensive service system for victims of domestic violence, especially for those who still live with their abusers and for those who have left the relationship but who can benefit from counseling, support, and advocacy services. Post-shelter follow-up services can enhance the probability of a victim’s successful transition to a violence-free lifestyle.

By assisting victims earlier in the cycle of violence, outreach services can reduce the need for more shelter services and stimulate long-term benefits for victims and their children. With an early intervention/prevention focus, outreach services delivered in local communities offer a cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to serving the high percentage of domestic violence victims who are not currently in imminent physical danger, and who seek support in reducing or eliminating the abuse in their lives.

Through the outreach program, domestic violence advocates provide comprehensive services to victims in offices near them. Services are provided free of charge to domestic violence victims.

The primary goals of ADV’s Outreach program are to:

  • Ensure a victim’s safety
  • Help victims understand the dynamics of domestic violence (concepts such as the “cycle of violence” and “power and control”)
  • Assist victims in identifying and dealing with their feelings by exploring available options to help them improve their situation
  • Provide practical information regarding resources
  • Support and promote a victim’s ability to make her own choices

Services include:

  • Safety assessment and planning, including helping the victim develop her own safety plan
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Individual and group paraprofessional counseling
  • Individual, family and group counseling
  • Referrals to medical and social services
  • Referrals and advocacy in obtaining housing resources, including relocation assistance and emergency shelter
  • Assistance in completing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)
  • Court accompaniment
  • Life skills training (financial planning, anger management, coping with stress and other topics)

Clients who receive outreach services always have access to the Casa de Paz emergency shelter and residential living facility if it is determined they meet the eligibility criteria for emergency and/or transitional shelter.

Court Advocacy Services

Court advocacy services offered by ADV focus on providing information and support regarding the judicial system, prosecution, exclusion, child custody, and divorce.

Mediation accompaniment and court accompaniment and assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) are also available for domestic violence victims who access outreach services. Victims are helped to prepare forgiving testimony if needed.

The Domestic Violence Restraining Order is a primary tool used to protect victims and empower them in obtaining their legal rights. The DV Advocate and Outreach Director are trained in basic procedures for obtaining TROs and continually receive updated information regarding filing, court hearing and enforcement procedures.

Clients are also referred to the Family Justice Center for assistance by an ADV Legal Advocate.

Anger Management

CALL TODAY- 951-320-1376

ADV formed a unique partnership with Riverside County Child Protective Services in 2003 to begin providing anger management treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence who are referred by CPS because they are at risk of losing custody of their children.

The program has expanded to include perpetrators of domestic violence who are ordered by the courts to receive treatment. The program also welcomes individuals who are not under court order as well. The 16 week evidence-based program is currently provided in Hemet and in Riverside. Sessions are also available by Skype for those who qualify. Classes are scheduled every Monday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

For more information contact our Riverside office at (951) 320-1376 or click on Contact Us and complete the on-line registration form and select Anger Management as your subject matter when completing the form online. You may also email the program at:

Payments for services can also be made from this website for your convenience.

Community Education

Speakers, workshops, videos, displays, brochures, posters, victim cards and other educational materials are available on request to community organizations.

Also available is in-service training. ADV has professionally designed and rated domestic violence awareness training programs that serve a variety of professional groups and needs. Among groups who routinely attend ADV trainings and workshops are:

  • Domestic violence paraprofessionals and volunteers
  • Attorneys
  • Judges
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Firefighters
  • Educators
  • Ministers
  • Social services professionals

For information, contact ADV at (951) 320-1370.


ADV offers regularly scheduled individual paraprofessional counseling and educational support groups which focus on a variety of topics relevant to the needs of domestic violence victims. ADV also offers clinically-based counseling for individuals, couples and children.