Since its inception in 1978, ADV has developed an array of services to intervene in and prevent physical and emotional violence in the home and the community. ADV is recognized statewide as a leader in progressive approaches to empowerment and advocacy for clients seeking to establish a healthy, violence-free environment in which to raise the next generation. Each of ADV’s programs and services is culturally appropriate and is provided to all families, regardless of their ethnic or religious background or cultural orientation.
  • Violence Prevention

    Violence Prevention Project The Coalition of agencies developed preventative approaches to domestic violence, including a teen violence prevention program, a family violence awareness media campaign, a mentor program and formal partnerships with local Police Departments.

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management Call Today  951-320-1376 ADV formed a unique partnership with Riverside County Child Protective Services in 2003 to provide anger management treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence who are referred by CPS because they are at risk of losing custody of their children.

  • Crisis Line

    Crisis Line (951) 683-0829 in Riverside (800) 339-SAFE countywide ADV's 24-hour Crisis Line is the agency's gateway for victims of domestic violence and others who seek information and help. It's a safe and confidential way to ask questions and obtain services.

  • Outreach

    Outreach The outreach program is a vital component in a comprehensive service system for victims of domestic violence, especially for those who still live with their abusers and for those who have left the relationship but who can benefit from counselling, support, and advocacy services.

  • Counseling

    Counseling Services ADV offers regularly scheduled individual paraprofessional counseling and educational support groups which focus on a variety of topics relevant to the needs of domestic violence victims. ADV also offers clinically-based counseling for individuals, couples and children.

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