Teen Victimization

•  In 2005, teenagers experienced 1.5 million violent crimes; this included 176,020 robberies and 73,470 sexual    assaults and rapes.

•  Among youth ages 17 or younger, black youth were five times as likely as white youth to be victims of homicide.

  •  School was the most common place for violent victimizations against teens to occur. A higher percentage of violent   crimes against younger teens than against older teens occurred at or in school (53% versus 32%). Older teens  (17%) were somewhat more likely than younger teens (15%) to be victimized at home.

•  Among older teens, the percentage of violent crime involving an intimate partner was 10 times higher for females than males (9% versus 0.6%). For younger teens, the percentage of females was not statistically different from that of males.

•  Approximately one in sevem youths (13%) received unwanted sexual solicitations online.

•  4% of youth Internet users have been exposed to distressing sexual material while online.

•  One in 11, or 9% of youth Internet users said they have been harassed online.

•  Almost 40% of American adolescents have witnessed violence. Furthermore, 17% have been victims of physical assault; 9% have been victims of physically abusive punishment; and 8% have been victims of sexual assault.

•  Three in four American adolescents who have been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well.  13% of sexual assaults were reported to police, 6 percent to child protective services, 5% to school authorities and    1.3% to other authorities. 86% of sexual assaults against adolescents went unreported.

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