Mark Torres
Division President

“Working with ADV as a business partner has been very rewarding. If I were talking to colleagues in our industry about what would be the return for investment in helping others, I’d say it goes beyond one person. It permeates throughout your entire organization. It’s a shot in the arm. Every time we do an event with ADV, the associates who participate are rejuvenated. They come back feeling very, very good about being able to make a difference. For every dollar invested, I’d say you get a return of a thousand percent in morale … unifying your troops.
“As a business person, the impact to your morale is priceless.
“In our mind, a big part of what ADV is accomplishing is the rehabilitation of families. In our mind, we feel that’s a place where we can be very impactful.
“People just jump at the opportunity to work with ADV. “

Ann Macias
President – Advanced Commercial Companies

“The reputation of ADV is phenomenal. This organization is over the top. It’s our leadership and our staff. There is nothing else like us. It’s the most loving and compassionate agency. I don’t know how anybody could do it any better.”

Rev. Janet Westall
Former Pastor, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Sun City

“When we first decided to partner with ADV, we did so just because we had shared the same kinds of goals. But the more I worked with the ADV team, the more I realized that this is an incredible community of people. Everything that’s done is done very, very, very well. There is a standard of excellence that permeates the ADV community.
“Being able to work with people who are such respectable people, people I have such a great deal of respect for, no matter what they’re doing, they’re doing it at the 110 percent level. Advocacy, counseling, shelter, children’s program.
“In this time, when a lot of things are done in a shoddy fashion, it is such a great thing to be able to partner with an agency that is committed to such excellence. Sometimes in a nonprofit, you’re not really a business. This is a nonprofit with integrity and strength and authenticity.
“If there’s violence anywhere, there’s violence everywhere. People must act in support of life.”

Diana Burns
Executive Assistant
Lennar Homes Executive Assistant

“Our involvement with ADV has impacted every associate at every level. No matter how large or how small their involvement has been. Because they see the results of what they are doing. They see the impact that they’re making.
“I can’t say enough about ADV. Not just for what they do for individuals, but for how they interact within the community. How they deport themselves when they’re at organizational meetings or at other affairs. They’re always there and positive. It’s, “We’re here, we’re going to make a difference and we’re going to make lives better.” There’s no self-doubt. It’s all very positive. The belief in what they’re doing, in the organization and the people within the organization, having the staff that your’re confident with, having the families come in out of the worst of circumstances and knowing that they are going to be safe. That this is a sanctuary for them. It’s probably one of the best jobs you can have.”