The most significant factor in ADV’s work with battered women is to assist them in identifying and dealing with their feelings and attitudes regarding domestic violence and to explore with them available options for changing their situations. This “empowerment” approach is designed to promote a woman’s ability to make her own choices and develop independent living skills in a violence-free environment.

Shelter Program Services Include:

  • Up to 30 days of emergency shelter
  • Emotional support
  • Individual and group counseling (weekly and daily as needed)
  • Transportation
  • Food, clothing and personal supplies
  • A children’s program with respite child care and children’s counseling (including a state-licensed child development center) providing specialized case management, individual and group counseling, advocacy, structured and free play and parenting education
  • Parenting groups to encourage positive parenting, improved nutrition, and fun family activities which promote alternatives to violence
  • Specialized mental health therapy by a licensed therapist
  • Ongoing advocacy and referrals necessary to secure medical, social service, financial, housing and other assistance.
dv shelter programs for families

In addition, ADV works to teach clients to become self-sufficient through advocacy and networking with numerous community agencies and services providers. While clients are in shelter, they may access employment/job training, housing programs, literacy training, health services, mental health, substance abuse, personal care, income support/subsistence/household establishment, and law enforcement referrals.

What Our Partners are Saying

We’re grateful for the support of our partners, and the community that works to improve the lives of those who are in need of help from domestic violence.